Weird Mexico Condom Theft Case

Weird Mexico Condom Theft Case

In a rather bizarre incident of theft, over 5,000 condoms were stolen from a “condom-mobile” used to promote HIV/AIDS awareness in Mexico City. The vehicle was purchased with a grant from Mexico’s federal Health Department, and had been a part of the Condomovil program that has toured Mexico since 1998 distributing more than 1.2 million condoms to more than 700,000 people as well as promoting safe sex practices. The unusual theft was covered intensely by the press as the locals phoned the cops with the vehicle’s locations. The vehicle was eventually recovered from a shopping mall parking lot, in a northern suburb of the city. It was missing 5,000 condoms, a sound equipment and a motor used to inflate a giant prophylactic. No points for guessing what could have happened to the sound system, but if the thieves used their other “loot” like it was meant to be, I’m sure no one will actually complain about it!


~ by varunsharma1800 on October 9, 2008.

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