Weird Dog Potty Towel Holder

•April 3, 2009 • Leave a Comment

dog holder

Is this a dog shitting a piece of cloth????
Look closely, this is a plastic dog shaped towel holder. What makes the designers make such weird stuffs?


Introduction to the condom gun

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This really goes out to all the young guns out there, who have been wandering around a bit too much lately. The condom gun might just be the solution to silence a chronic lover who refuses to rest until he has shot his load. Elegantly designed, this conceptual product might help men not only to feel uber-cool but also extra manly. However, you just might scare away your partner when you remove this gun from your pockets before some action. Make sure she doesn’t call up the cops to register an attempted murder case on you, unless you have a fetish for embarrassment at the police station.

Hiring a Taxi that Moves in Both Directions

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Hmm…Who is the driver? Where is the rear and where is the front? Is there anyone out there who could tell me the answer? Well, two guys named Brian and Bob are the creator of this dire and stupid doubleheader van.

The doubleheader van moves in both directions alternately. Why don’t they try to make a doubleheader airplane and show their juggling tricks in the air? That could be real fun. Don’t you think so?

Weird Open Air Toilets

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I know open air restaurants are all the rage in beautiful seasons like spring and fall, but an open air toilet still takes some getting used to. That too when you have seating space for an audience right in front. But in case you’re looking for instant fame it could be a damn great thing! I’m not exactly sure where or when this shot was taken, but this lovely concept that comes to us via the journalistic brilliance of photographer Frank Kunert certainly leaves little to the imagination. Although I’m sure the toilets could have been more attractive with mosaic flooring, a couple of pictures hanging on the walls and designer toilet paper, but I guess the thing works pretty well for the naturalists just as it is!

Do cat have wings!!!

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Cats with wings are unquestionably a strange phenomenon but believe it or not, this is true. A slight increase of heat in China’s Sichuan province made the local cats grow wing like structures. The weird part is one would never think a little rise in temperature could have such extreme consequences on the bones of animals. The experts have claimed that this is the result of gene mutation and the folks from Sichuan don’t need to worry as the wings won’t cause any damage to a cat’s shelf life. However, I personally think cats with wings are cool and would look as beautiful as angels!

The World Biggest Traffic Signal Lights

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I grew up under the impression that traffic lights were there to promote our safety. But that was until I saw this rather freaky Traffic Light Tree. The bemusing sculpture is a creation of artist Pierre Vivant and though it does mimic the form of a regular natural tree to the industrial tee, the fact that it can potentially wreck traffic situation in well over a street block is just downright scary! It may be enchanting to many, but I definitely would vote against one of these being ‘planted’ in my town anytime soon.

Fish flip-flops for an oceanic atmosphere

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Mermaids and mermen may feel offended or even distraught at this flip design. However, if you love fish in your diet, you are going to love these flip-flops. The fish flip flops not only look like fish but also give you the pleasure of wearing something that is extra ordinary. If you have an ocean themed bathroom, you can always use the fish flip-flops to add to the authenticity of ambiance. If you don’t like fish, you will still have the pleasure of walking over fish, literally and continually. So go ahead get these fish flip-flops and get people to notice you!